Server tools

Floe's server tools are only available to logged-on users. After login, they appear in the navigation bar at the left side of the switchboard page.

Floe's tools consist of input forms that the user can fill in to run code on the server, producing new files that can be downloaded or stored. For image processing, floe has access to tools like ImageMagick, PanoplyCL, and Gimp, and anything that has a command-line interface can be added to this list. Plugins can also be written in Python, and can access libraries like NetCDF4, and SciPy and its many add-ons (such as scikit-image). So really, any sort of processing that doesn't require a GUI interface can be made available.

This doesn't mean that every possible operation of a complex package like Gimp or PanoplyCL will be exposed in floe. (That would be pointless, since anyone can download, install and learn those applications for free.) The goal is to create new tools (forms) for specific tasks, as users request them. This way, users will be able to do useful work without needing a deep understanding of the underlying packages.

Some of the tools (all in beta at this point):