This is an experimental product.

These images mirror ESRL's daily REB_plots products, which are animated forecasts starting with initial conditions at the time of publication. Current forecasts are available on the ESRL site ( as frame-by-frame animations, but past forecasts are only available on the ESRL FTP site ( Here, as a proof of concept, we extract the daily GIF animations from the FTP site, and make some days of historical forecasts available.

NOTE: ESRL models/algorithms may have changed in the transition from 2017 to 2018.

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RASM-ESRL daily forecasts for 2019-09-05

Ice Melt Terms

Surface Fluxes

Sea Ice Area & Snow Depth

Ice Tendencies

Ice & Snow Depth Thickness

Skin Temp & Cloud Liquid Water

Net Fluxes & Skin T

Melt Ponds, SST, Ocean Fluxes, Wind Speeds

Ice Speed

310K PV & Sfc Pot Temp